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5 Ways a Plasterer Can Transform the Look of Your Home


Plastering isn’t just about making sure your rooms have four walls and a ceiling. Plastering is also all about design. With exciting mouldings and finishes, a plaster can easily transform the look and feel of your home.

Creating Your Own Style with Cornices

Whether you are a lover of the historic or the modern, there is a cornice to fit you and your home. Cornices are the decorative mouldings, which connect your interior wall and ceiling. They not only reflect light and brighten a room, but also help you create a home that is uniquely you.


For the fans of heritage-style homes, there is an abundance of embellished and decorative cornices to choose from. Ornamental cornices always catch the eye and help create the perception of space by drawing the eye upwards.


If you are after a more minimalistic look and feel to your home, there are cornices out there to suit you. Modern design is now driven by a motto of ‘simple yet effective’ and can give any room a luxurious feel.

cornice plaster brisbane - modern

Highlighting Your Rooms with Feature Ceilings 

 Feature ceilings make a bold statement, and that statement is “I take pride in my home.” There are many words that describe the effect feature ceilings can have on your home, but boring is definitely one of them. Working with a team of plastering professionals can help ensure that your ceiling has the maximum wow factor.

The ideal location for this feature piece is the kitchen or the living room, so it is always on display.

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Embellished Arches

Every house needs doorways; otherwise it is just a box without a way in or out. But, there is a way you can add some flair to your walkways. Swapping a door for an arch helps give an area extra height and create the perception of more space. Just because doorways are more for practicality rather than design, doesn’t mean your archway has to be. Embellished arches are perfect for heritage-style homes and are perfect as feature pieces.

embellished arches - Brisbane plasterer

 Rising to the Occasion with Ceiling Roses

Do you love the delicateness of period homes and the warmth of historical designs? If so, ceiling roses are the perfect additions to any heritage-style home. Ceiling roses are embellished mountings that often act as the base for a chandelier or ceiling fan. These decorative additions can turn your house into a home in a instant.

 Finishing with High-End Finishes

 To end this list the right way, why not actually end with the finish? Choosing a high-end finish is the perfect way to make sure your home screams luxury. If a high-market home is what you want, then this is the way to go. The major benefits of a high-end finish for your walls and ceiling are that you can:

  • Stand out above the rest
  • Stay modern
  • Be a competitor in the housing market

 plasterers brisbane - high end finish

If you are ready to create your dream home or just update an existing home renovation, call Lifestyle Interior Linings on 0400 560 781 to help start the transformation. We specialise in delivering high-end plastering in Brisbane & the Gold Coast. 

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A huge thanks to Jeff from Lifestyle Interior Linings who did a fantastic job finishing our kitchen off with bulkheads and fixing cornicing. He listened to our ideas and gave us his expert opinion in order to get the best possible solution for our kitchen.

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