With the new lifestyle offered by multi-residential apartments in Brisbane & the Gold Coast comes a new set of challenges—and it takes a specialist service to finish these projects to a standard that will ensure the safety and comfort of all the people who live there.

Our metropolitan areas have changed a lot in recent times, and high-density apartment living is increasingly popular even among families. Lifestyle Interior Linings are specialist providers of multi-residential interiors, with a broad range of skills and techniques to overcome the multifaceted challenges of these projects. With our team of experts, it’s possible to meet the stringent Australian standards for construction and fire and acoustic ratings—without compromising on the ambience and sophistication you’d expect of a new apartment.

What we can do for your multi-residential interiors

At Lifestyle Interior Linings, we only use the best tradespeople and the highest quality products on the market. We offer a range of specialist services for multi-level unit developments, including:

  • Comprehensive project management: with planning and solutions to meet multi-level design considerations, including structural restrictions, functional design, and industry and legislative standards
  • Design and planning: to achieve noise reduction through strategic positioning of doors, walls, and wardrobes, and to optimise the layout for accessibility and safety
  • Choosing materials: to meet fire ratings and acoustic ratings, including lightweight, resilient framing construction materials, purpose-made plasterboard, strategically placed bulk insulation, and partitioning systems to meet all the requirements for certification
  • Meeting regulations: guaranteeing that the quality of our work meets the strict standards of the QBCC, so you can be sure that your multi-residential development project is legitimate and insurable

 How we can manage your multi-residential project

Multi-residential properties are particularly challenging when it comes to interiors. With structural and design restrictions in place to ensure the safety of the many tenants who occupy them, and a discerning market where property values depend on meeting the demand for luxurious finishes, it’s important for every multi-residential development team to rely on the expertise of an interior lining professional.

Multi-residential are also logistically challenging. There are multiple trades, tight schedules, and permissions to navigate—and it takes a team of trained professionals to manage these obstacles and move the project towards a sophisticated end result.

Because we’re experienced across both residential and commercial property development, Lifestyle Interior Linings are uniquely suited to multi-residential property projects. With the technical expertise to deliver functional interiors that meet fire and acoustic ratings and building codes, and the compassion and professionalism that comes with years of residential work, we deliver the highest customer service standards in our industry.

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A huge thanks to Jeff from Lifestyle Interior Linings who did a fantastic job finishing our kitchen off with bulkheads and fixing cornicing. He listened to our ideas and gave us his expert opinion in order to get the best possible solution for our kitchen.

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